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Wedding Dj

μουσική γαμήλιας δεξίωσηςWedding. One of the most important moments in human’s life. Everybody have dreamed this day as something unique and unforgettable. To make this happen it depending on many factors. The most important is music.

For your Wedding, all you need is an experienced Dj that has the flexibility and the knowledge to cope promptly and correctly between different music genres and cultures for satisfying you and your guests. The complexity of a wedding is the detail that makes it different from any other type of event or reception. A wedding Dj has to satisfy different listenings and style in one night without losing the happiness and the fun in the dancefloor.

Music Cover

dj gamouIn Dj Design we guarantee that we can accomplish all of the above. We have experienced DJ’s as we said with music knowledge and with their database updated with all the new and old music hits from any music scene, Greek or International.

Our djs can carry out any wedding in any style you choose. Either Greek with a full traditional music repertoire. Or like a party with Greek and international music hits. Or like a themed party with a music selection of any decade or music genre. You have only to say I do and let the rest to us and we will keep the dancefloor full with our music selections.


Beyond the wedding Dj, Dj Design can provide you sound and lighting coverage services, Special Effects, fireworks, etc. Our sound equipment is from well-known brand names of the market that they provide excellent quality and power. We have also lighting equipment with Led technology that gives us performance, quality and economy to decorate the venue with lights and give a dreamy picture on your wedding. You can learn more about our equipment in the specific section we have on our web page.


Understanding the difficulties of the times and that you want to make your dream come true and make a wonderful wedding. Dj Design has maintained low prices for music and sound coverage services without losing the quality of our services. We have kept the prices affordable to everyone so you can make you the wedding of your dreams. You have only to request a quote from us by completing the form we have and as soon as possible we will respond you with an offer that will cover all your needs.

Destination Wedding

Dj Design undertakes weddings and outside of Athens. Our wedding DJ’s can go anywhere it needs to provide their services. Our destination is your wedding and we give our best to make the manifestation of your dreams. With our experience and knowledge we have, we can carry out any wedding in Greece out outside of Greece. You can see more details about Destination Wedding in the specific section.


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